Apphirmations About Page

Welcome to the Apphirmations About page, where we explore our unique approach.

What are Apphirmations

Affirmations are like magic sentences that make us feel strong and happy. When we say them, we imagine wonderful things happening, like being super healthy or having lots of money. The more often we say or write them down, the more we believe them, and then those things really happen.  

Not everyone wants to say or write down affirmations. That's why we've created Apphirmations. They're special affirmations that you can listen to, like a whisper, on your phone or computer. You can play them while you sleep or while you're going about your day. It only takes 1 or 2 minutes of your time each day.  

Do you know how sometimes you feel really good, like when you're with your friends? And other times, like when you're worried about money, you might feel sad or tired? Well, Apphirmations help us feel good more often. When we feel good, our bodies have lots of energy to stay healthy and fix anything that's wrong.  

Our feelings are like a compass that helps us know if we're doing okay or not. Being okay means that we like what we're doing and that we're kind to ourselves. When we say nice things to ourselves, like "I'm awesome!", we feel happy. But if we say mean things, like "I'm not good enough," we feel sad.  

So, by using Apphirmations, we can change what we say to ourselves. And then our compass will show us that we're going in the direction that makes us happy. Apphirmations are like giving ourselves a big hug with words!

Apphirmations vs. Regular Affirmations

Apphirmations are very different from the regular affirmations because we include many release Apphirmations, where we let go of unwanted beliefs and emotions. We also include a spiritual element, by invoking the Divine or the Creator of All That Is.


  • Include release Apphirmations to discard self-sabotaging beliefs and emotions.

  • Calm the mind.

  • Incorporate positive affirmations.

  • Reprogram the subconscious mind by addressing the body, mind, and spirit.

  • Address specific health issues such as allergies, weight concerns, addiction, immune system strength, confidence, and menstrual-related symptoms.

Regular Affirmations

  • Calm the mind.

  • Consist solely of positive affirmations.

  • Reprogram the subconscious mind by addressing the mind alone.

  • Work generically, without addressing specific health issues.

Apphirmations - How did they start

Hanna started developing Apphirmations after completing her allergy training and during her training to become a medical intuitive through her Theta Healing training. She intuitively blended this knowledge together with the knowledge she gathered from other training courses, and books. She even added many of her own Apphirmations.

The first set of Apphirmations she created was the Allergy Relief Set, which she made available to allergy sufferers. The results were astonishing, with many individuals experiencing a significant reduction or even a complete disappearance of their allergy symptoms. Our Apphirmations draw inspiration from a rich array of sources, including the works of:

  • Paul Solomon

  • Vianna Stibal

  • Dr Nambudripad

  • Dr Marlize Basson

  • Dr Thie

  • Dr Paul Dennison

  • Dr Candice Pert

  • Dr Wayne Dyer

  • Louis L Hay

  • Dr Carla Hannaford

  • Brandon Bays

  • Lise Bourbeau

  • Eckart Tolle

  • Dr Dave Hawkins

  • Susan Shumsky

  • Marissa Peer

This list is by no means complete, as many more people have shaped my journey over the years. I will continue to expand this list as I remember and honour those who have influenced me and as I continue my learning journey.

Whenever I learn something new that is relevant to the Apphirmations, I add them to the current library of Apphirmations.